Easy Rack industrial scales require

Industrial scales are used to weigh products, raw materials, and heavy objects. They are a critical part of many operations such as food processing plants, where exact measurements are necessary to maintain profit margins.

The fishing industry also uses industrial scales to ensure that all regulations regarding the catching and preparation of fish are followed. Some pharmaceutical companies use them for similar reasons as well, and any packaging or distribution center is going to need at least one heavy duty industrial scale to make sure that trucks are loadedbut not overloadedto capacity.Our industrial scales feature quick connects and factory calibration that provides an easy, allowing out of the box setup, and easy user operability.

Four series models are available, measuring either 48 X 48 or 60 X 60. Capacities range between 5,000 20,000 pounds, depending on the model. Standard models feature a lead epoxy finish, and heavy duty models come as a stainless steel platter. Heavy duty models are also covered with a diamond tread platform.

Industrial scales are solid platforms built with steel channel frame design. This provides strength and protection to load cells, cables, and junction boxes. Four adjustable legs and 5,000 division load cells give these units maximum stability for any type of weighing application.Easy Rack industrial scales require no additional accessories for installation. Each platform comes ready to operate straight out of the box. Simply plug the 25 foot heavy duty cable into the indicator and the unit is ready for use.